Fragrance West Appoints Jane Pinda as Vice President of Sales

Pinda Solidifies Sales Operations with 32 Years of Sales and Management Expertise

VAN NUYS, Calif. – Dec. 2, 2016 – Fragrance West, the only fully-operational fragrance laboratory and manufacturer on the West Coast, today announced the appointment of industry veteran, Jane Pinda as vice president of sales. Joining Fragrance West with 32 years of sales and management expertise in the fragrance industry, Pinda’s hire was a strategic move to further fortify its current sales force and strengthen client alliances.

“Jane is a one-of-a-kind fragrance executive with an incredible history of developing sales operations and putting companies on the map,” said Christina Fiduccia, president, Fragrance West. “When I began my search for the personnel to lead the Fragrance West sales force, we did not anticipate that a ‘Jane Pinda’ would be available, yet here we are. Jane recognized the uniqueness of Fragrance West’s capabilities, backed by the support of an established ESOP company, an incredible talent pool and our position for exponential growth. She is the perfect fit for what we need and I cannot wait to see the impact she will make to help us reach new heights.”

Pinda joined Fragrance West from Flavor & Fragrance Specialties as a sales executive focused on developing new territory in the Midwest. Her track record displays consistent double-digit growth at her former posts including as vice president of fragrance sales at Bell Flavors and Fragrances where she managed its sales team for 18 years.

“Fragrance West has a great foundation for growth and the opportunity to lead its sales organization was one I could not pass up,” said Pinda. “It is an exciting time to join Fragrance West. My experience will transfer seamlessly within the organization and parallels the company’s long-term plans. The possibilities for opening doors of opportunities are endless and I am fired up to lead the charge to help Fragrance West thrive.”

Pinda graduated from Loyola University Chicago as a pre-medical student and holds a degree in chemistry and biology. She is a board member of Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce and a member of Society of Cosmetics Chemists.

About Fragrance West

Established in 2008, Fragrance West is the only fully-operational fragrance laboratory and manufacturer on the West Coast, creating aromas for perfumes and colognes, household, personal care, hair care and air care products. Fragrance West is a team dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and high-quality fragrances with laboratory capabilities including creative perfumery, analytical, applications and samples.

Fragrance West is a subsidiary of HORN, one of North America’s premier distributors of specialty ingredients and raw materials. HORN’s specialized market segments encompass six distinct distribution business units: Care Elements, Advanced Materials, Coatings and Building Materials, Nutraceuticals, FoodTech and Animal Wellness.

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